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Wise Children - Angela Carter I liked Wise Children by the end of the book, although at the beginning I had my doubts. Part of this can be attributed to Carter's writing style. At times it is jumbled and fast-paced; close to a stream-of-consciousness style, but not completely so. The first 50 pages had me grinding my teeth a bit, but I eventually settled in, and got lost in the world. I thought it would make an excellent movie!

For most of the book, snippets of Dora and Nora's life are looked at, like going through a photograph album. They are short, leaving you wanting more elaboration, more characterization. However, Carter gives you just enough to get what you need. Anymore would be fluff. Many of the events in the book appear too bombastic to be reality. Yet, this surrealism doesn't detract from the story, even if it can be soap-operay at times. This certainly isn't a book for children, although the amount of sex and references are rather minute.

I am excited to read more of her work in the future, although from what I am gathering, Wise Children isn't exactly like her previous work.