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Tales of the Jazz Age - F. Scott Fitzgerald I have mixed feelings about this collection of short stories. For the few strong, there are many weak. I read the free Kindle version.

The Strong:
"May Day" is the truest Fitzgerald-like in the whole set. It's the most developed, with a great cast of the characters. More of a character piece than a plot piece. Typical melancholy thread running through the story. If you're going to read one, try this.

"A Diamond As Big as the Ritz" is entertaining, but it comes off as more of Edgar Rice Burroughs than Fitzgerald. It's a surreal, sci-fi oriented story. It's about a lavishly wealthy family who lives on the top of a mountain, and underneath, is the world's largest diamond.

"Porcelain and Pink" is a cute, short one act play about a girl who is sitting in her bathtub, talking to her sister's boyfriend who cannot see her, and he assumes it is his girlfriend.

"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" isn't the same as the movie by far. It actually takes place in Baltimore, not New Orleans. I still enjoyed the story. The basic premise is the same.

Everything else was mediocre. I assume that this set includes a large variance in time between publication dates. I think the young, dreary, woe-is-me twenty something male is really overdone by Fitzgerald. He really likes to create this wishy-washy no backbone type male character.