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The Shadow Rising  - Robert Jordan Overall, this is my favorite book so far!

I think Jordan rushed the ending, but then, I think each ending has been rather rushed. It's disconcerting when other parts of the book have great detail and depth, and when it comes to the most pivotal scenes, they are through in a page or two.

I like the development of Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene. Although they can all use the one power, their strengths are in different places. Depending on what they are exposed to, they learn and grow. I initially thought they would all be very similar in their talents, but now it is clear they are actively shaping their own path. Nynaeve's inability to wield without being angry is going to get her into trouble at one point. However, I wonder if that difficulty in wielding is linked to how powerful she will become. Elayne is still kind of a sop, but I liked her more this book.

The portion of the book that focused on the Aiel was the most exciting. Learning the rich history of the Aiel gave the series more depth, rather than the random tidbits of information we've scraped together, not only about the Aiel, but about any people or region. I thought the ending with Rand was rushed, especially since no one truly disproved Couladin.

I am surprised by how involved Lanfear has become, and I wonder how long her goodwill towards Rand will hold up.