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Gantz, Vol. 17 (Gantz, #17) - Hiroya Oku Daizemon is better than I thought he would be. I was under the impression he only cared about himself, but it is cute to see him looking out for Takeshi. I can only surmise that Takeshi is not going to last long, considering how difficult it would be for him to get points in the first place.

I wonder what is happening now that the two worlds have seemed to combine. Not only are humans being killed, they are viewing everything that is happening. What flipped the switch? Are the aliens getting stronger? Or is Gantz messing around?

The Oni Aliens are creepy, especially when they transform into devil-like creatures. Although this volume was action-packed, I liked the focus on characters other than Kurono to be the hero. I like Reika a lot, but she keeps almost dying, so I am thinking in another few volumes she will be gone. However, that would only give Kurono more reason to keep playing so he can revive a fourth person.

The vampires refer to the Gantz participants as Hunters, which makes me think that Gantz has been playing games for a long time, and has made some enemies.