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Night And Day - Virginia Woolf This book seemed endless and it took me so long to read. I assume Woolf was attempting to write a story about finding your true love, rather than marrying who seems appropriate, and sticking it to traditional gender and class norms, yet Night and Day was a bore.

Katherine was unlikable. I has thought she might team up with Mary Datchet and put her mathematical brain to some use in the suffrage movement. However, all Katherine does is internally whine and bemoan her life and does nothing to change it. I couldn't believe that she still couldn't truly acknowledge that she loved Denham at the end - his presence just made her happy. A very self-absorbed, cold, and incapable character.

I had high hopes for Mary. In the end she is just left with her work, and as readers we are supposed to assume that she has truly found her happiness? She got the short end of the stick in my opinion because every scene with her involved mental suffering and anguish, and Woolf abandons her in the end, substituting Cassandra. I would have preferred Katherine and Rodney to have stayed together because they were both conceited, and reading their demise would have been more entertaining. Even though the beginning of the novel appeared political, it completely disappeared later on, and I felt confused as to why Woolf even brought it up in the first place.

Also, I don't understand why Woolf completely ignored most of the London population. It's like the whole story operated in this neat little bubble. In fact, there wasn't much variation. It was 400 pages of the same conversations over and over again.