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Love Times Three: Our True Story of a Polygamous Marriage - Joe Darger;Alina Darger;Vicki Darger;Valerie Darger;Brooke Adams Better written than the Brown's memoirs of polygamy, probably due to the addition of Brooke Adams.

I did actually learn a few things about Fundamental Mormonism. I can certainly see the deep devotion the Dargers have to their religion. It doesn't even come off as particularly fanatical or way out of line. The Dargers try very hard to portray themselves are regular, every day Americans. I think they achieve it in this book to the best of their ability.

I still have lingering questions about the religion. It's so secretive! I suppose in this regard it makes it hard to accept polygamy when there are some really strange concepts in Mormonism to begin with.

The tone of the book was positive. It does show that not all polygamous marriages are full of abuse. Yet, a common theme that does arise is poverty and the use of the welfare system.

Each of the wives and Joe have their own sections. They tell their story in chronological order from each of their perspectives. At the end, there are three sections from three of the older children.

Loves Times Three is polygamy through rose-colored glasses. It's the other side of the sensationalized FLDS compounds. The Dargers seem like nice, respectable people, who distance themselves from others in their religion who do wrong, and live relatively normal lives in the suburbs.

I guess what I really need to read is a well-researched, comprehensive book about Mormonism to satisfy my curiosities.