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Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade - Diana Gabaldon Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade has less mystery than the Private Matter and more character development. I missed the fun from the previous story.

Although this is a mystery - the mystery of Lord John's father's death that occurred twenty years ago - it is background to the relationships and experiences of Lord John.

I understand the motivations of Lord John far better after reading this. In the Outlander series, I disregarded him, and thought him to be rather arrogant. He annoyed me.

I couldn't see his appeal.

Now I realize that his scenes with Jamie are brimming with internal confusion. When he's not around Jamie, he is a very decent man. When around Jamie, I want to reach into the book and shake him.

Lord John has risen in my favor, but he hasn't outdone Claire or Jamie, or even any secondary characters in Outlander.

The mystery of Brotherhood of Blade can be confusing. There's a lot of names thrown around and I found it difficult to understand the role of each character. It took me a few re-reads of Lord John's visit with Bates to understand that Bates knew Lord John was gay, and was blackmailing him.

The relationship with Percy and Lord John was done well. Galabadon really made them two distinct individuals, although they have similarities. I was disappointed by no molly visits in this story. Those scenes were so intriguing in Private Matter.

I was surprised about Percy's ending. Lord John took a big risk, and it's something that could definitely cause a problem in the future.

I thought the novel was too long. Lord John isn't as interesting as Jamie and Claire. He is almost too good of a character in way. I would have liked more descriptions of the battles. There were more interesting to me than the London scenes.