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Lord of Chaos (Wheel of Time, #6) - Robert Jordan I have mixed feelings about Lord of Chaos. I was more entertained then Fires of Heaven, but the majority of the book was completely full of minor plot points. I am not sure why I am liking this one so much, but I did find myself really involved at certain points, and possibly I may just be acquiescing to Jordan's slow writing. I thought the tone was darker than the rest of the series so far, so maybe that's what did it.

I don't understand how Elayne has figured out the ter'angreals so quickly. There is no explanation, she just happens to figure it all out, when Aes Sedai have been studying them for years and nothing has came of it. I am supposed to believe this bratty, self-entitled girl is now some sort of Aes Sedai genius? At least with Nynaeve's healing of Logain, Siuan, and Leane has some more explanation.

The Aes Sedai really angered me! I was surprised by Alanna. However, it appears she won't be as manipulative as she thought she could be, so I felt better by the end. The rest of the Aes Sedai are ridiculous. All of them are plotting and whining constantly. This is what Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne have to look up to?! I did like that Egwene has "cooled" somewhat during her time with the Aiel. The Wise Ones and the Aiel are my favorite characters - it's nice to have some characters that have reasoning and respect for two seconds. However, I felt that Egwene's personality changed once she became Amyrlin. I hope she doesn't loose herself because I was really beginning to like her.

I can't believe Perrin wasn't in the book at all until the very end, and he still has a marital spat with Faile. Is this going to happen every book? Seems repetitive.

I noticed that although Jordan is descriptive with clothes - damn that Taraboner hat that must be mentioned every time Juilin is there - he really lacks on scenery and everything else. I have a hard time remembering the differences between the cities and people.

Rand mentally battling Lews Therin amped up the intensity, and so does the schooling of his Asha'man. I like Mazrim Taim, even if his intentions are cloudy. The ending was great once again, but no Forsaken taken care of in this book?