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Lady Chatterley's Lover -  D.H. Lawrence I preferred Sons and Lovers. I think Lawrence suffered from a bit too much telling rather than showing in this story. As soon as there was some action, it slid right back into summarizing of this and that. It got boring for me!

The dichotomy between Connie and Clifford was executed wonderfully - the physical versus the mental. The commentary on the current social climate throughout the book, and the characters sentiments' towards it enhanced the story for me. Yet, I felt that Connie was more of a puppet/prop for Lawrence. I never connected with her. As her sister Hilda describes, she is like a child. I agree. I think this is because of her experimentation and want to throw away absolutely everything for love, just because she got a taste of what's better on the other side, so to speak. Lawrence made her extreme, and therefore, less complex, to prove his assertions about what should happen between lovers. So then, I didn't really care much for her.

Reading this book in 2012, there isn't anything surprising about the love scenes. Now, it's still not appropriate for children, anyway. Most of the words are metaphorical, and in a way, it's almost like it makes it more raunchy than it really is.

Side note: I assume this is a coincidence that the name of Mellors's wife is named Bertha, just like Mr. Rochester's from Jane Eyre? Anyone think there is a tiny allusion going on here? Especially for the fact that the Bertha is in this book is described as wild and uncouth.