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Villette - A.S. Byatt, Charlotte Brontë, Ignes Sodre No doubt that this is a beautifully written book. Bronte has an excellent command of words. Although I loved Jane Eyre, I could not come even close to liking Lucy. Therefore, I couldn't enjoy the novel. I plowed through it, wanting myself to get some pleasure out of this arduous tome.

This book is more about the main character than the plot, but since I couldn't come to terms with Lucy and her sufferings, there was little else for me to latch onto except Bronte's exquisite prose.

I read the book through without any prior knowledge of the story and its autobiographical connections. Now I realize it would have done me a world of service and made the book thoroughly more enjoyable. Alas, I am not going to attempt to read this again. I'll go straight back to Jane Eyre.