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Armor - John Steakley My boyfriend gave this to me to read before we started dating - it's his favorite book. I think this book really hits home for some, and falls short for others. Depends on what has happened to you personally and your ability to relate to the main character. For me, I couldn't relate so much.

This is a man's novel, for sure, but I didn't feel too distanced as a female. My main problem was not with the story, but with the writing. It felt disjointed and choppy to me. The scenes, even outside of the battles, moved quickly, and I would often have to go back and re-read more closely to figure out what was happening.

However, once I reached the end, I could truly appreciate the overall story, and the first part of the novel (which in all honestly left me bored and confused when I first read it). Now knowing what I do, the beginning has more meaning, so I would warn any potential readers to just get through the first part, and you will understand the significance of it after the fact.

Even saying this...I didn't like the writing style. Maybe because I don't read enough of the genre?