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Lover Avenged - J.R. Ward I thought this installment was really long! Some editing would have improved the flow.

I wish there had been more romantic scenes between Ehlena and Rehvenge! I thought they bonded rather quickly...like three scenes happened and then that was it. I would have liked more buildup and tension. I didn't mind Ehlena, but she didn't have a lot of depth to her, so maybe that's why some other readers didn't care for her. In the middle of the book she got annoying.

The Wrath and Beth storyline was boring, although I like the couple. John Matthew keeps waxing and waning on me. He has been in a f'ing slump the whole series! I want something good to happen to him for once.

Rehvenge, Xhex, the Moors, the sympaths - great storyline. I thought the book would have spent more time in the colony. A new location with many potential new characters. Lash and the lessers storyline put me to sleep!

Not the best in the series, although Rehvenge is a great character. Something just fell flat in the delivery of it all. Maybe not enough fighting? Epic battles? The last one in the book ended all quickly. And the very end? I was surprised by how Ehlena agreed completely, like they were taking a trip to the beach.

Anyway, I'll be reading the next book and the next one after that. I couldn't imagine anyone picking this up without reading some of the previous ones in the sequence.