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Anthem - Ayn Rand I am suprised by all of the negative views on Anthem, but then again, this is Ayn Rand, and she is far from a universally loved writer and philosopher.

The book itself isn't particularly original, yet it is short, easy to read, and summarizes Rand's opinions succintly. If you want an introduction to Rand's thought, this is quicker to swallow than the Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged. If you are interested in dystopian fiction, I wouldn't be quick to reccommend this because Ayn is focused more on her philosphy than creating a full dystopian world.

It's difficult for me to say I agree with Rand, but there are some threads I can nod my head to in appreciation...while there are others that leave me highly skeptical. Anyway, that is for a discussion above an Anthem book review!