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Kafka on the Shore - Haruki Murakami, Philip Gabriel At the end of every Murakami novel, I have a lingering awareness that stays with me for a few days. A type of suspicion about the world around me. Is this truly reality? What constitutes my reality?

This book is slow and meandering. Murakami is not for the general reader. It's not the actual story and characters that you should read for - it's for a deeper connection between yourself and your world. If you can't or don't want reflect on yourself while reading, then this book will be lost on you.

It's hard to give a proper summary because much of the book details Kafka's daily activities. Kafka on the Shore focuses on fate. The running allusion to Oedipus Rex is not entirely as predictable as you might think. I enjoyed the directness of the allusion. Kafka, in the beginning, tries to flee, but at the end, succumbs to his fate, and in doing so, comes to self-realization.