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The Tiger's Wife - Téa Obreht The Tiger's Wife weaves together magical realism with the folklore of the Balkans. The story shifts between Natalia's life and her grandfather's, mostly centered on the events in her grandfather's childhood.

I am wondering about the importance of the Tiger's Wife, the namesake of the novel. Is she representing how traditional beliefs can manipulate reality? That what is truly real can be obscured?

I enjoyed the deathless man the most. Those sections of the book really made the story for me. I was slightly disappointed that the Tiger's Wife didn't end up being anything more, but then, I suppose she was a juxtaposition to the deathless man, the explainable vs. the un-explainable.

There are certainly events that happen in our lives that are can't be explained based on what we know. I think that the story shows that even if you don't know, you can still accept and be comfortable.