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Pandora's Star  - Peter F. Hamilton Why did it take so long for everything to get going? I like the characters, I like the subplots, I like the expansive world...but I was waiting on edge for them all to weave together. It didn't happen until the last 100 pages. Granted, now I have a fully fleshed out back story for each and every character. I appreciate that. Yet, I wanted the damn story to just move along.

Anyway, although I was a bit frustrated, I really did enjoy this book! I though the immotiles/motiles were fascinating. I didn't get how they form together into one immotile well, maybe because of my lack of imagination? Anyhow, I liked them better than just your regular Alien vs. Predator stereotype.

Mellanie! Wow I was surprised by how important she was at the end. Ozzie is my favorite character. Mark is probably the least, but I think that's because he hasn't done anything particularly exciting (well, except at the end).

I am totally ready to read Judas Unchained to see where all this is headed. If you get this book and you are starting to tire midway through, I completely understand, but the ending leaves you wanting way more than you though you would.