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Altered Carbon - Richard K. Morgan I wasn't expecting such a strong detective novel. I felt disappointed there wasn't more attention to the technology and environment. However, if you like mystery, crime novels then this book is right for you.

I didn't think the ending tied up everything very well. I had to go back through and re-read some parts to get the whole picture, and I still didn't feel satisfied. Maybe I didn't pay close enough attention?

I didn't really like nor dislike Kovacs. He remained neutral to me. Bits and pieces of his backstory were commented upon, yet his actions seemed drastically different from the supposed cold-hearted killer he was before.

The concept of re-sleeving was fascinating! Morgan briefly touched on the psychological trauma on being re-sleeved in a different body. I would have liked more elaboration on this.

I don't know, I don't think I really like noir, detective novels that much, so this isn't really a fair review to the story.