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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes  - Richard Lancelyn Green,  Arthur Conan Doyle The stories range from the macabre to soap-opera like tales. The darker stories, "The Five Orange Pips," "The Adventure of the Speckled Band," and the Engineer's Thumb" are some of the most engaging. The lighter fare, "The Adventure of Beryl Coronet" and the "Red-Headed League" still allow Holmes to shine his infallible logic.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes contains 12 of the total 56 short stories Doyle wrote, excluding the 4 novels. There is no mention of Professor Moriarity just yet, but Watson is the reliable partner, and the two find themselves in all sorts of schemes and situations.

I enjoy when Holmes and Watson go to the scenes of the crime and sleuth. For some of the short stories, the client expatiates on their story, and it can be tiring sometimes. Although many inferences of Holmes made me shake my head in disbelief that he actually could infer such a clue, it wasn't anything out of the usual for Doyle.

I liked the stories, but keep in mind this is a bundle of stories from 1891-1892, it's not a "best of" collection, but a collection of his first 12 stories.