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The Fires of Heaven  - Robert Jordan I didn't particularly like Nynaeve's point of view, which dominated the book. Although what happened with Birgitte seemed have to changed her mind, it didn't really seem like a clean break at all. In fact, she just was sulky for a few days. She was extremely important at the end, but I could have done less with her domineering ways.

I think a lot of the girls' storylines suffer compared to the boys'. The girls continue to get caught, manipulated, and wander around. It would be nice of Egwene, Elayne, or Nynaeve to be a badass for once, instead of bickering and pretending to be all grown up, when they have the maturity of twelve year olds.

Anyway, although I was sad to see that Rand wasn't going anywhere new, the epic battle at Cairhien was awesome. Mat's new-found battle prowess is going to keep him close to Rand I suspect. I liked Rand and Alviendha's relationship, more than I think I will compared to Elayne or Min. Which is weird that he is going to have three wives or whatnot.

Completely surprised with Moiraine and Lanfear! The way this series is going I would have thought they would be around for the next few books at least.