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Gantz, Vol. 16 (Gantz, #16) - Hiroya Oku Takeshi! A little boy! So sad and now he is going to be caught up in everything. Gantz certainly does touch everything about the dark side of human nature.

And Kojima!! Why!! I refuse to believe she is dead, since she transferred somewhere, in a Gantz like style. I am wondering about this side story with Sakurai. Is he going to start catching criminals on the side? Some sort of redemption? I am thinking there is a redemption theme going on in this manga.

At least Gantz has finally revealed what happens to 100 points, and Kurono is set on reviving the three closet to him. I wonder if he will reach that point, and if he does, will he revive any of the other past characters? I am surprised that he finally "killed" a human, even though it was necessary to save Kojima. I wonder if he is going to be even more reckless to save those he cares about?