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Gantz/25 - Hiroya Oku Finally, the Tokyo team makes a plan to fight together, rather than all of this one-on-one fighting while the others spectate in horror. I got annoyed that they were all standing there when Daizemon was fighting. Haven't they all learned anything yet? Haven't they been through enough battles to know that you can't just stand there?

How the panda Hoi-Hoi stayed alive and got 40 points is amazing. I bet he is going to stick around to the end, but how is he going to choose his option. Can Gantz read panda minds?

There was a little hint of "god" and the purpose of life. Is this is foreshadowing of the purpose of humans versus aliens? That the world is ending and this is a sick joke created by powerful beings?

Osaka is completely destroyed! Is this going to happen across the rest of Japan? It was pretty obvious what Katou was going to choose at the end.