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Liza of Lambeth - W. Somerset Maugham Liza of Lambeth is a short novel with an unexpected ending. I wonder what Maugham intended with Liza's death? I get the feeling that he either thinks the lower class is subjected to terrible woes or believes that Liza was in the wrong and was punished for her actions. I couldn't catch any strong moral undertones to the book, so I assume Maugham wanted to take a small snapshot of lowerclass life and let it remain how he viewed it, without any indepth analysis.

The story isn't anything new, and it is a story that goes far back in time as long as we have had relationships, yet the dialogue and the tempo of the novel was fresh. It was somewhat disconcerting to be in a time period where men beating their wives and vice versa was commonplace and a private dispute of no one else's business; however, I don't think Maugham had an opinion one way or the other.

I enjoyed that it wrapped up neatly and didn't have extraneous chapters and sections. I think Maugham did well describing the Lambeth neighborhood, even if it was rather superficial.