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Monday or Tuesday - Virginia Woolf, Scarlett Thomas The stories in this collection range in quality and direction, which is usual for the early short stories of a well-known author.

"Kew Gardens" is the best blend of Woolf's execution of ideas, although there isn't much story development present. However, there is coherence that binds it together. "A Society" is the most accessible tale, and it promotes the female thirst for knowledge and understanding. I don't think it has the eloquence of the other stories, which can be rambling thoughts, interspersed with beautiful language, on the meaning of life. Although "An Unwritten Novel" is challenging to follow, the hybrid of prose and poetry quite makes up for any lack of unity.

I enjoyed the stories, but I would have liked to see them longer. I thought most of the stories were condensed and pressured into tiny spaces, but maybe that is what Woolf had intended.