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Winter's Heart - Robert Jordan Winter's Heart is slightly better than Path of Daggers, but it is still a lot of nothing.

The romance between Rand and Elayne, Min, and Avienha is annoying and disturbing. I don't know how anyone could love, even tolerate, Elayne. She is worse than Nynaeve with her severe self-entitlement and over the top pride. Jordan writes romance incredibly childish it is like looking into the mind of a fifteen year old boy. What would be a great plot twist is if he sacrificed all three of them to save the world, however I don't think it will end up that way because apparently all of them are going to be pregnant and have kids. Kids with three different women at the same time??

The prologue was the best part of the book, and that portion made it better than the previous book. The characters did travel and move around somewhat, although the ending was rushed once again.

Again a boring installment.