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Hunters Of Dune - Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson can't capture the writing style of Frank Herbert. The finesse and subtly with words is missing. However, I am appeased that the series can continue and that it gives my brain a break from the Bene Gesserit vocal games of the previous installment. You have to hand it to Frank Herbert that he did an amazing job writing in an intelligent manner while remaining coherent and purposeful.

Even though the quality of style decreased, I had fun with Hunters of Dune. It takes the novel so long to get going, and I am not sure the build-up is truly necessitated. The ending is full of action and answers to the questions Frank Herbert had been leading up to. It makes me wonder if Frank Herbert would have delivered those answer more slyly.

Leto's golden path is mentioned, but not really expounded on like the other books. I attempted to think back to God Emperor of Dune and think about all of his predictions and hints. There's not much philosophy floating around, but the action is exciting and I can be entertained by surprise twists.

I think the novel was too long, so probably the authors were milking the story to get more. I like that all the characters rotated in and out of the spotlight, rather than a heavy focus on Duncan Idaho, who I was never really interested in to begin with.