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Towers of Midnight - Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson I am very surprised by all the high star reviews. The Gathering Storm was MUCH better. Far superior. This book was a whole lot of fluff drawn out over pages and pages. I kept picking up the book, reading, and then putting it down. I could not get into the story.

Perrin is awful. I don't dislike him, but I dislike how he is used in the story. All of his parts felt so repetitive. We keep getting the same Perrin issues over and over again, and they are in the same form. Doesn't want to become a wolf. Mad at Berelain. Loves Faile. Doesn't want to be a leader. Very tiresome. I don't understand the fight he had with Slayer. Is Slayer in league with the Dark One? Graendal's pawn? Secret Forsaken? Or just wolf problems? Which leads me to my final question, what is the point of Perrin having wolf abilities? I just feel bad for his character.

I wasn't into Galad or Gawyn. They didn't interest me. The role of the Whitecloaks in the Wheel of Time was never clear. I thought they would have created more tension....just like the Shaido but what happened to them...but they just acquiesce. Elayne was more tolerable in the book somehow.

I did like Aviendha's small parts. I have yet to come to any conclusion of why Rand needed to have three women. Min is the only one interacting with him. She, like Perrin, has been doing the same thing for books. Maybe all three of them will morph together into some Wheel of Time Transformer and Rand will ride it to the Last Battle.

The battle with Mesaana was the most exciting part of the book, but until Mat and Thom's portion, that was all the action. Everyone kept talking about what they were planning on doing for the last battle. Really ridiculous how the Seanchan attacked Elayne at the same time and it was all just "coincidence." Also, where are the Seanchan? Why didn't Rand burn them to a crisp and get it over with. They are conquerors who don't want to join your team, they want to control you. What is left here to decide?

Mat and Thom's adventure was at the very, very end of the book. I thought it went too quickly. Moiraine and Lanfear's captivity wasn't explained very well.

The scene were the leaders slap Rand on the face, and he's like, if you did that to me a month ago I would have killed you...I was really surprised that this was even written. Leaders of kingdoms are slapping someone? Because they are offended? What happened to angry words and attempted murder? Those seem like normal reactions rather than a slap. It was really out of place for me.

I am almost done with this series, good riddance.