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A Memory of Light - Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson Wow! Memory of Light lived up to its hype, mostly. The majority of the book enthralled me, although there were parts that seemed dull and repetitive.

I was disappointed by the role of Moiraine and Nynaeve in the Last Battle. Yes, they did have a purpose, but Nynaeve, who is supposed to be one of the strongest Aes Sedai is just sitting for the whole battle next to Rand. Couldn't it have been any two Aes Sedai? Also, Moiraine suffered from the same fate.

Very sad that Egwene and Bela died! The others I wasn't too concerned about.

I really enjoyed Pevara and Androl's parts, surprisingly, because usually when minor characters are introduced, I get bored and annoyed that even more people are being added to the story.

Logain, Taim, and the Black Tower mess...I just don't understand the reasoning for why Rand left it alone for so long. He created it, and then left it alone because he was too uncertain or whatever. Also, I was disappointed by Logain's involvement at the end. I was expecting more from him.

Gawyn and Galad, I never cared much about them throughout the books.

Perrin got a little better in this book, and I liked his fights in the dreamworld. It was interesting that he and Gaul were the lone people fighting in there, although every one seemed to have been using the dreamworld heavily in the series. No battlefront there?

The Sharans? Where did they come from? Lack of build-up about their involvement. Did anyone else feel like there was a lack of people fighting on the battefield? Like there were maybe 500 Trollocs, 20 Aes Sedai, 50 soldiers, and some random others? The perspective seemed off. Where were the Sea Folk, the Kin?

I think what is missing from the series is a bleak, dark tone. The story is obviously that way, but I never really got heavy despair. There wasn't anything extremely evil or horrific in the series. It was like evil-lite, evil pg-13.

I though the Epilogue was very short. There are so many characters that I would have like a bit from each of them.

I finished the series and I think I need a badge for it. I wouldn't recommend the Wheel of Time to others because all the work to get to the ending isn't justified. Sanderson did well taking over for Jordan, but I think the last two books could have been combined.