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Rimrunners - C.J. Cherryh After finishing Merchanter's Luck, I was interested to see how Rimrunners would turn out. Bet Yeager is a really different character and I found myself rooting for her right from the beginning. She is a former Mazian marine that ends up on Thule after the disastrous events occurring at Pell Station in Downbelow Station. She is tough and determined, full of pride - pride that is starting to wear down, after many homeless nights and scarce food. She ends up on the merchanter ship Loki, an odd ship that doesn't have the typical family crew. The story continues her relationship with the crew and the events that unfold over Loki's true intentions.

I would recommend this book to someone who is looking for a sci-fi set in space on a ship that is more focused on character interaction and social situations rather than action.

My biggest issue with Rimrunners is that is doesn't read like a developed story. It is more like a very long short story. Much of the plot is focused on Bet and NG, the latter being a character I never really understood, and I often found him annoying. However, I thought it was interesting that Bet was immediately attracted to the outcast. Although at the very end some intriguing events play out, the middle is a lot of fluff, and makes you wonder what Cherryh was getting at. However, I enjoy Cherryh's excellent character development, and her take on social interactions. As I mentioned before, NG was an enigma to me. Did he have some sort of PTSD of some sort? Anxiety attacks? Cherryh always has been quite elusive to giving all the details.

I would like to see Bet in some future stories. Particularly ones with a stronger plot more in terms of Downbelow Station.