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Paul of Dune - Brian Herbert; Kevin J. Anderson Paul of Dune falls flat and does little to add to the complexity of Paul's Jihad. The book alternates between Paul as a young boy, before Arrakis, and the beginning of his reign as emperor. The sections of young Paul are filled with action and provides the political backstory of Dune, whereas sections of Emperor Paul provide contrast with Paul and his father Leto.

I thought the novel was overly long and to be honest, it doesn't leave any surprises because we all know what happens to all the characters later on. In that manner, the suspense is lacking. I think the novel would have been better if it focused only on young Paul, even though those sections were fairly simplistic and straightforward as to what would happen. Additionally, little was said or explained about Paul's prescience and future plans.

Fenring, Margot, and Marie were a snooze as the main "villains" and the ending was anti-climatic. I did like reading Irulan's perspective. I thought she was the most dimensional out of all the characters, although she wasn't particularly complicated anyway.

A potential reader would be better off reading a summary rather than sloughing through the text. There isn't much reward at the end. There was barely even time spent in the desert when the characters were on Arrakis!