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Northanger Abbey - Robert Kiely, Jane Austen A cute first book for Austen, but it certainly doesn't live up to her other books in terms of complexity. I felt a disconnect between the first and second half. Catherine was a charming narrator - such a wild imagination! I think everyone can relate to a time in their youth when they read a novel, and then irrationally believes their surroundings are enfolding in a similar way to the fictional story.

Northanger Abbey is satirical, yet there are times when I think Austen is trying to be honest. She mends this out later in other novels. The ending was rushed. There could have been another 50 pages or so. Everything got cleared up so neatly and fast. Plus the bare introduction of another character that just mends the relationship with the General? That seemed too convenient.

Anyway, I liked the novel, but it's not up to par as the other novels in terms of complexity. Catherine is endearing, however.