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The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins I hopped on the bandwagon and read the Hunger Games. I cannot remember the last young adult novel I read and I don't forsee myself reading any in the near future. Typically, the books I am reading are...how to put this...more advanced? However, I gave this book a chance and took a break from my normal reading, and initially thought that all of the grown adults who enjoyed this book, shouldn't it leave something for me to enjoy in some way shape or form?

I wasn't expecting a literary masterpiece. But sadly, this book plods along and the plot is lacking originality. Now, again, I will state this is a young adult novel. It's catering to that population and not to someone in my age group whose understanding and experience of emotions, relationships, life and death are deeper. I was suprised by how shallow Katniss' character development was. She was practically a robot and I could barely relate to her. She was contrived. Like a puppet made for a more lively background.

The plot is something that has been done many, many times, with better execution. I think I am simply too old to suspend all my convictions and prejudices about what constitutes a well written novel.

For those who this book is aimed towards, you will most likely enjoy it. For those of us who are older, go see the movie. It will be more exciting than this. The book is mediocre, contrived, poorly written, and the ending falls flat, with little character emotional/mental advancement. Katniss is practically the same from the beginning to the end.