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Dune Messiah  - Frank Herbert After re-reading Dune recently, I decided to finally get around to reading Dune Messiah - the sequel to Dune and the bridge to Children of Dune. Unfortunately, Dune Messiah is a whole lot of standing around and talking for the entire book. It took me a long time to read because I just couldn't find the motivation to keep wading through dense dialogue, and when I did reach the end, I found it sadly to be short and quick, which didn't make up for the long, long drawn-out nature of the book.

I liked being able to read from Alia's viewpoint, but I missed reading about the desert and the Fremen people that made Dune captivating. I never got interested in Hayt/Duncan Idaho and quite frankly disliked him, although I got the feeling that I should have been liking him. Frank Herbert beats you over the head with the "eye" symbolism, but leaves you a little confused over the concept of prescience, but by the end I just didn't care enough to re-read more carefully. If you wanted, you could just read a summary of Dune Messiah and not miss much.