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Gantz/27 - Hiroya Oku, Chris Warner I am not surprised Inaba died, more surprised he made it this long. I think it is interesting that instead of Kurono being with two girls, Reika makes a clone, so he can each be with both of them, instead of choosing between them. Very creepy, on Reika's part. I am sure that one of the Kurono's will die, but which one? They both love Tae, so even if the Reika-Kurono survives, I bet he will go right back with Tae and replace original Kurono. Now that I think about it, everyone from Gantz that has been revived is a clone in a type of way. Their body was destroyed, but then they return back to normal.

The part with the German's daughter was creepy. I wonder if what he was telling the new reported was the truth because it seemed too easy. She says random numbers and somehow they created the Gantz balls and the whole system of fighting so others could bet on it? That sounds far-fetched to me.