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Hellburner - C.J. Cherryh A great sequel to Heavy Time! I would highly recommend reading Heavy Time before Hellburner to get introduced to the characters.

I thought the buildup to the end was done well. The intensity was great and, as always, I like that Cherryh doesn't explain everything to dumb the story down.

Sometimes it is hard to understand the world Cherryh has created. There's a lot of lingo and references to things that are barely explained. Although I think the world would be richer if she had went into more detail, I like that her focus is on the characters completely.

Although Ben can be annoying, I didn't dislike him in Hellburner. I liked him more than Heavy Time, which surprised me, because at first I wasn't so enthralled with him narrating much of the storyline in the beginning. I think I was able to understand his pov better. He had his reasons for wanting to avoid Dekker. Not everyone can be a saint.

Dekker seemed toned down since the last novel. Sal and Meg were the same, although they get a bit more character development in Hellburner.

I liked how the characters are kept within their bounds of knowledge and experiences. No one is making incredible leaps of logic, but instead, they struggle with their questions, while trying to not crumble under pressure.