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Escape - Carolyn Jessop, Laura Palmer Escape is a great insight into the lives of FLDS. However, this memoir focuses much on Carolyn Jessop's own personal experiences, rather than attempting to portray a complete picture of the community. Carolyn's dynamic, struggling relationships with her sister wives, stepchildren, and other FLDS members brings you into a surreal world.

I thought it was interesting how her husband, Merril Jessop, was one of the most important men in the FLDS community, but in the book, we don't see any of this angle, other than the fact that he personally is an extremely emotionally manipulative man. Is that just a function of himself, the culture of men and wives, or his power?

I suppose I would have liked something more encompassing of the entire community. Yet, I still enjoyed the memoir.

I got the impression that Carolyn never went to any religious services or engaged in much religious activity, other than the praying Merril forced on everyone at night. A little strange considering she is living in a religious community that it was written in a way she had so little involvement.

The reality of the isolation and deprivation of these individuals is heart-breaking. Certainly, it is a personal choice to live outside main society, and the way of one's life is one's own choosing. Yet, the FLDS are completely banished from even attempting to experience the other parts of the world.

Carolyn is a strong woman with a strong mind compared to the women she lived with. The multiple power relationships between the wives was compelling. However, Carolyn comes off too much as a saint throughout the story.

I think this may be because she is writing this retrospectively and it might be difficult to truly go back to that time and relive one's own convictions and experiences, especially suffering from PTSD.

I agree with other reviewers the book needed a better editor. There were a few places were information was repetitive.