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Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage - Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Christine Brown, Robyn Brown Becoming Sister Wives is a depressing read, no doubt about it.

My expectation of the book was that it would be anecdotal about the upbringings of each of the adults and the daily life of the family, possibly even delving into their religion.

However, the focus is on the emotional hardships and difficulties the wives have experienced among themselves and Kody. It almost seems like in each of the sections, a wife was talking about depression or jealousy, or hitting rock bottom with Kody.

I respect they are each being completely honest with their feelings. I wonder if any of them read the other's portion before publishing?

Most of the book felt sloppily put together. There was too much tip-toeing around the facts of a particular situation to make Becoming Sister Wives interesting. I can only take so much of the continuing conflict of each wife being completely sure that the other wife needed to belong in the family, but essentially hate her guts every day.

I really didn't get the message that having sister wives is the best thing ever, as they are always promoting on the show. What I got out of this book is that having sister wives is extremely difficult - which completely proves the reality of the whole situation instead of sugarcoating it for tv - and that none of the wives are actually comfortable with the other three at this point in time.

I was surprised that there are barely any religious references for a family that is fundamentalist mormon. There wasn't much of an attempt to educate on the topic. There are only brief glimpses into the religious life.

If you like the show, then reading the book won't hurt. It's very easy to read. There's not much to get out of it in terms of facts. Just a lot of whining and depressing talk.