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Voyager - Diana Gabaldon I am really, really surprised I enjoyed Voyager. Although not particularly liking Outlander to begin with, I continued on with the series, because I had the first four books anyway.

I have a tendency to enjoy reading the parts in this series when Claire and Jamie are not together. When they are apart, the storyline seems more focused to me. I am engaged in trying to discern how they will finally be together again.

When they actually are together, all sorts of random hoopla breaks out, and ten storylines are trying to weave themselves together. And I find their relationship to be kind of sickly sweet.

Maybe I am not that much of a fan of romance novels in general? I mean, Outlander made me roll my eyes and want to gag at the love fest going on.

I actually liked Claire in Voyager. Although she is continually selfish, I think her time spent as a doctor in her original time helped her mellow out and be more calm. I liked that she was always helping and providing medicine to others, no matter the possible risk to herself. She really redeemed herself in Voyager for me.

Jamie is so...unrealistic. I suppose that is the whole point of this series. Insanely loyal and devoted. I would have thought he would be half-crazed by now with everything he went through. He didn't seem that much changed over the course of twenty years. How is that possible???

I liked the Caribbean portions the most, although it was strange being so far away from Europe. Like Gabaldon and the reader were breaking an oath to Scotland.

I totally felt the Pirates of the Caribbean was an influence, but I didn't really care, because it was fun and entertaining.

The ending was crazy intense! This story really was a voyage, considering where everyone was at the beginning, and where everyone ended up. In no way could I have predicted much of what happened.

Overall, although Voyager is long, just like the previous two, I thought the pace was better. There certainly was lot of action and mystery happening constantly. Lots of intense experiences back to back with no break.

I am wary of what the next book will bring. I really wanted them to stay in the Caribbean. Colonial America seems boring to me....