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The Scottish Prisoner - Diana Gabaldon I just wasn't into The Scottish Prisoner as the rest of the Lord John Grey books. In fact, I thought that this installment focused more on Jamie rather than Lord John, which made me somewhat confused as this is a Lord John series book.

The ending of The Scottish Prisoner aligns near the time Jamie leaves Helwater and returns to Lallybroch. The time in the actual story is concentrated when Jamie has been at Helwater for about 3 years already.

As I've said before, I think Lord John acts ridiculous around Jamie and his behavior irritates me. It's like he loses some of his intelligence. When he is by himself, I find him quite an engaging character.

I found myself gravitating toward Hal and Minnie more. I wouldn't mind reading a short story with both of them. Have I been missing how interesting Minnie is???

I thought the plot was somewhat weak. Taking the focus off of Lord John as the sole main character, and placing half on Jamie, makes Lord John less interesting. The time in Ireland wasn't detailed enough as I expected. Except for the parts about the bog and the Wild Hunt, there wasn't much page time devoted to the Irish people or culture.

Quinn wasn't a very compelling character, especially for the role he ended up having in the end.

The Scottish Prisoner wasn't interesting enough for me to become enraptured by the story.