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MaddAddam - Margaret Atwood I thought the ending was very satisfying, but really, really sad! Despite the tragedy, it is still hopeful.

I really liked the stories for the Crakers and then their eventual perspective. Blackbeard was very endearing. Although the ending battle was told from Blackbeard's perspective, some time after the fact, I thought it was very poignant. I didn't mind that it wasn't told in the present tense when it was happening.

In the end, the stories of those in the Maddadam trilogy will be biblical-like heroism and wonder for the Crakers.

Really, the Crakers are becoming what Crake didn't want them to become. What does that say about Crake's intention? I think it means that you can't really strip humanity away. There's an inborn disposition for story and song, for mysticism and legend.

I wished Toby and Zeb would have had more time to develop a romance. However, in the scope of the story, something like that would be unrealistic.

Zeb's background was very entertaining. He rode the lines between the compounds and the pleebands. It gives the overall, broader link as to what was happening in the world. I would have liked more explanation of Adam's journey, but that was not to be in this novel.

Although Jimmy comes off as a nitwit in Maddadam, I think it is very true to his nature. All of the other characters have been describing him that way from the very beginning. I suppose it's hard to change focus when the first book was all in his perspective.

Toby can sometimes be a bit boring. I still liked her, and I think she gave more of a neutral perspective compared to Jimmy.

Overall, I enjoyed Maddadam. There isn't a resounding finish; it's more slow, but it left me with many thoughts about what the future could be.